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taking each opportunity to capture THIS beautiful moment in a simple & authentic way

I believe that professional photography and quality images should be available to all and that cost should not be a prohibiting factor in capturing memories. ​I will never turn a client away based on their financial situation.


I offer donation based photography. Donation based is an option if you are unable to afford the set price. Donation based does not mean free, or that I do not value my work or hold myself to the same standards as other photographers. Suggested donations only cover my operating expenses. If you have the means, pay what is affordable for you and/or your family.

Currently taking clients in the Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas of the DMV and travel to other locations by session requests. Contact via email or socials to book.

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I have always loved photos and taking photos, but mostly I have loved the joy that comes with capturing and sharing memories with people. Life has led to paths that allow me to explore my passion, build my skillset, and share my work with more people.   


I want to try and remember each little detail of motherhood and my children's childhood. Looking back at old pictures is a favorite way for me to waste a few hours and I want to pass that on to not only my children but also my clients and their families.

I continue, each time I pick up my camera, to practice the art of freezing and recording the little moments we will one day forget, the art we call photography. 

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.
What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. 
~ Aaron Siskind

I'm thankful. For each person that trusts me to take their photos. That allow me into their lives, even if only for twenty minutes, to witness their emotions and capture their memories and moments. For all of you who allow me to do what I love- sharing feelings in the form of a photograph.


All are welcome here; diversity of every type is honored in this space.

I am in the present moment, an Apple user, a Nikon shooter, a Chevy driver, a mother, a wife, a military spouse, a (currently injured) runner, a student of yoga, a teacher, cute, sassy, sarcastic, witty, a Patriots fan and NASCAR watcher, a fan of takeout over cooking, a sometimes vegan, tall, loud, capable, self reliant, dependent, evolving, a Leo sun Taurus moon Gemini rising, studier of the enneagram (2w1sx/sp), a one of a kind.


Labels cannot keep us in a box and limit our lives; only fear can limit our thoughts and desires.


I'm a Northerner. I was born and raised in Iowa. I have values that are trademark to the Midwest engrained in my core. I am self sufficient and able to help others. I am friendly and kind will almost always wave or smile at you if we cross paths and I can be guilty of the 'Midwest goodbye'.  I have my degrees in sports medicine (athletic training- BA and MS) and sports psychology, as well as my massage therapy education. Plus various continuing ed classes and a yoga teacher certification. I've done a lot of different things and worked with a lot of great people during that helper portion of my life.

I'm a mother. Two kids who proudly exude their unique personalities. Motherhood has led me to an appreciation of patience, of understanding, of taking a breath, of the fleeting moments that are childhood. The smell of baby's milk breath, the warmth of their body laying sleeping against yours. The energy of toddlerhood. The rawness of no expectations and 'guidelines' dictating their thoughts at existence. To just be. Motherhood solidified my need to remember.

I'm adaptable to my life. We all think we know how our lives will go. And then we fall in love. Or out of love. Or have something amazing happen in our lives. Or something tragic. What we do with those experiences - how we react, process, and use them as steps to the next part of our path is a huge part of what makes us who we are. I never imagined being a military spouse, but a job interview led to a date, which led to a marriage, which led to a family. There has been moves, babies, losses, sacrifices, promotions, goals achieved, and a lot of pictures taken. 

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