Crunchy, mother, wife, Jill of all trades, and a firey Leo

Writing about yourself is not one of the easier tasks.  I hope you can get a glimpse of who I am and what makes me, well, me.


Born and raised in Iowa, I like to attribute my roots to the type of person I am today.  I like to think of myself as kind, thoughtful and respectful of others; values that are found in the midwest.  My family growing up consisted of my parents (mom taught until I was in high school, dad is a supervisor), my sister (four years younger), and a dog until I was 11 and then again at 18.  My mom's parents lived across the river in Illinois so we saw them often.


I loved books, helping, creativity, school and being a kid.  I suffered through the tradgedy that is junior high, complete with late 90's fashion.  I often say I was the boy they never had.  Not a girly girl but well rounded.

After high school I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in athletic training and sports psychology. I worked for a year after college at Culver Academies, as an athletic trainer and wellness teaching intern. I decided to get my master's in athletic training at Indiana University, but not before I got my massage therapy license. I graduated from IU with my master's degree and a completed thesis (Hank).



Then life got a little more interesting. Enter the hubs.


I met Stephen when applying for a job in Alaska- I went to a dating website to find out more about Fairbanks and he was a "match" and his profile said he had an extra bone in his neck. Good thing I had to be right and message him! In a whirlwind we started dating right before he deployed.  While Stephen was deployed I moved back to my hometown and worked as an athletic trainer at a local Illinois high school (along with a few other places to try and pay off some loans).  


Stephen returned to Alaska from deployment.  I drove solo from Iowa to Alaska to meet him, and SURPRISE! We were married at the homecoming ball by the batallion commander.  I like to call it my black dress wedding (wore a black dress, its our legal wedding).  We lived there for a couple months before moving to Arizona.  We enjoyed life as newlyweds and the ease of a training schedule.  We also did a white dress wedding in Iowa with family and friends.  After Arizona we moved to Virginia and I worked as an assistant athletic trainer at an awesome high school.  On the way to Virginia we picked up our first baby- Odin- an adorable chocolate lab.

Now we are in Maryland.  I didn't return to the high school after maternity leave because we moved again, this time up to Maryland.  I made the hard choice to let my credentials go (not worth paying hunderds each year) and now work as a full time mommy.  When I can (mostly during naps) I work as a virtual asstiant.  I help send out newsletters, manage social media, websites and general organization of things.


I love the freedom my life has right now.  I love that I am able to take the time to share that with you through this medium.

Im passionate about many things, most of them pretty crunchy.  Babywearing, nursing, and natural parenting.  I am drawn to lomi lomi (a Hawaiian healing art), green living, holistic health care, and making people feel better. I love hot yoga, was turned into a (very) amateur runner (haven't conquered this post-baby again).  I taught a begginers yoga class in AZ and would love to get into teaching yoga and deepen my own practice.  I love taking the little dude for bike rides.  There's probably a lot more too, so just ask!