Keeping them kissable

Holding baby close

"Did you know there's a baby on your back?" Yep, sure did! That is where I keep him to keep him close. To keep him safe. To keep him out of things. To keep him calm. To keep me calm. To let him see the world. To let him hear my voice and my heartbeat. To nurse (on the front). To give me freedom of hands free. To give us both peace.


There are so many reasons I babywear. I'm not exactly sure how the whole babywearing aspect got started- but when I was pregnant and talking with bestie/fellow mommy to be babywearing just seemed like something I would do. I don't think I realized at the time how much babyweraing would be a part of my mothering.


Babywearing has not only brought me closer to my child, but it has brought me into a community of like minded people. Babywearers are nice, supportive and helpful 95% of the time. It is a community that has opened my eyes to other issues (cultural appropriation, abelism, etc) that I would have not been exposed to.  It has lead me to some amazing friends and perhaps another career in the future (babywearing educator). I use babywearing almost daily- now that he is older we sometimes don't wear- and I am rarely seen without him being worn when out in public.


What makes a babywearer? Is it the type of carrier you use? Is it the number of wraps in your stash? Is it the number of carries you can do and how well you can do them? No. You are a babywearer if you wear your baby (child). I am a babywearer. I am proud to be one and I am proud to share my world with my child in this way.

There are a TON of amazing babywearing resources out there! Make sure to follow safety guidelines when wearing your little.

Click on the names of some of my favorite resources!


General Information

Center for Babywearing Studies

Babywearing International



Wrap you In Love

Wrapping Rachel

Britt Brown Marsh

Babywearing Faith

Beatric Film

Babywearing can turn into quite the hobby- and can be an inexpensive or an expensive hobby depending on what you like.  These are the companies currently in my stash or that I support because they are good companies with designs I am partial to (good in both product and ethics). I dove into the world of handwoven wraps- I love supporting artists and having unique pieces! The artistry behind handwoven wraps is just fascinating to me. In order to keep a somewhat reign on things I thought it would be neat to do a wrap/wrap scrap item from each state that we've lived in and our home state! 

My Collection (March 2018)

Machine Woven


Bijou Wear

Nunamoochie (also does handwoven)

Ethos (also does handwoven)

Woven Wings


Rhockett Weaving (Iowa)

Love in Every Fiber (Alaska)

14 Mile Farm Handwoven (Alaska)

OoLaLoom (Georgia)

Wild Poppy Handwovens/Honour Handwovens (Maryland)

Buckle Carriers

Naked Panda Designs


Skin to Skin

Vija Wear

Support (among many great companies)

Cari Slings

Zee Zen





Risaroo Wovens

Pavo Textiles

Butterfly Baby


Sleeping Baby Productions




5 Minute Recess

XOXO Carrier

and many amazing weavers (handwoven wraps!


White woman with shoulder length dark brown hair smiles as her newborn baby boy in camo onsie sleeps in a tan stretchy wrap

First time wearing in public- 7 days old

White woman with hair pulled back smiles at camera while baby boy is wrapped on her back in a blue and gray and green wrap with his arm hanging out and a curious look on his face

First back carry- woven wrap- 4.5 months

White woman with dark brown hair and sunglasses smiles taking a selfie wearing a black tshirt and a black and white wrap. Her baby is on her back and his head is tucked against her back so you only see his blonde hair.

Still safe with mama- 14.5 months