These Are a Few of My Favorite Things


There's a lot of things I like and I want to share them with you (plus a neat way to keep my favs organized in one place) 

I can personally attest to all of the pages/people/places/things on this list :)  Missing something? Probably so- just ask!


*** Direct links coming soon!


Rissaroo Wovens


Center for Babywearing Studies

Quantico Area Babywearers

River City Babies

Kitty Loves PB&J LLC

Naked Panda Designs

Babywearing International

Center for Babywearing Studies



Mama Cloths/Feminine Care

Lady Bits



Cloth Diapers



Natural Baby and Toddler Toys/Resources

Green Toys



Birth and Breastfeeding


Breast Skin Sling

Megan Pa- Doula

Sacred Living Movement

Sacred Milk

Awakening Vitality

Ina May

La Leche League

Mayim Balik- Beyond the Sling



Jeni Johnson Photography

Wiz of Oz Photography


Etsy Shops/WAHMS/Small Businesses

Knot to Nest

Cotton Candy Co

Flying Feathers

Chomy Chic

Latched Mama


Health Alternatives

Dr Chamein

Davenport Acupuncture


Fellow Bloggers

Adventures in Aubreyland

Knot to Nest