I'm Kate

Crunchy, mother, military spouse, Jill of all trades, awesome, an unapologetic fiery Leo

Staying true to myself, I can't fill this space with fluff- the way 'they' suggest you should. I am who I am. I am striving, each day, to become the best me I can be for myself, for my family, for those I put into my life. And then somedays I watch TV, eat with my feelings, and do as minimal as possible. I'm here to offer my take on it- so here is my take on me.

I'm a Northerner. I was born and raised in Iowa, and my 'crunchy' ways and thoughts thrive in the north. In the north I discovered and delved further into crunchy ways- babywearing, green living, yoga, holistic health care, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, natural parenting, self directed education, lifestyles, food relationships, categories, the list goes on and continues to expand my base of knowledge.


I'm a helper. My passion for helping others started in sports medicine. I have my degrees in sports medicine (athletic training- BA and MS) and sports psychology, as well as my massage therapy education. Oh throw in some continuing ed classes and a yoga teacher certification. I've done a lot of different things and worked with a lot of great people during that portion of my life's path.

I am valuable, not only are my skill sets and contributions unique but I have values that are trademark to the Midwest engrained in my core. I am self sufficient and able to help others. I have my own hammer, drill, and tape measure and don't you dare mess with the rest of my tools. If I do not know an answer I will find it. I am friendly and kind (while also leaning more into my introvert tendencies) and will almost always wave at you while I'm running. 


I'm a mother. Motherhood has led me to an appreciation of patience, of understanding, of taking a breath, of the fleeting moments that are childhood. The smell of baby's milk breath, the warmth of their body laying sleeping against yours. The energy of toddlerhood. The rawness of no expectations and 'guidelines' dictating their thoughts at existence. To just be. Motherhood has also led me to an appreciation of cordless headphones and tablets....

I'm adaptable to my life. We all think we know how our lives will go. And then we fall in love. Or out of love. Or have something amazing happen in our lives. Or something tragic. What we do with those experiences - how we react, process, and use them as steps to the next part of our path is a huge part of what makes us who we are. I never imagined being a military spouse, but a job interview led to a date, which led to a marriage, which led to a family. There has been moves, babies, losses, sacrifices, promotions, goals achieved, and a lot of pictures taken. 

Labels cannot keep us in a box and limit our lives; only fear can limit our thoughts and desires. I am Kate. I am present, a mom, a wife, a (currently injured) runner, a student of yoga, a (retired) massage therapist, an (retired) athletic trainer, a teacher, cute, sassy, sarcastic, witty, a Patriots fan, a fan of takeout over cooking, a sometimes vegan, tall, loud, capable, self reliant, dependent, evolving, a Leo, an Apple user, a Nikon shooter, a Chevy driver, a one of a kind. I am growing. I am learning. I am enough.