Acorn Squash- Week 29

May 4, 2014


This week you are the size of an acorn squash! Right now you measure 15.2-16.7 inches long and weigh 2.5-3.8 pounds- you will be tripling your weight before birth! Your skeleton is hardening and you are moving more and more.  You are moving on a consistent basis, enough that I can start kick counts.  Kick counts are keeping track of how long it takes you to make 10 distinct movements- if it takes you less than 2 hours we need to be concerned. Your kick counts have been great!

This week I had a baby appointment 29.5 (30 weeks) to see how everything is going. You are doing great! You are head down, with your back out to the left side.  Your heartbeat is a strong 140ish bpm. Everything is looking good pregnancy wise for me and you are doing good too! :) I really cannot complain too much about being pregnant with you.  I could do without the heartburn that you have started to give me- hopefully it is because you have a full head of hair!  Stephen has been TDY for work in California- I am excited for him to be back home- not only have I missed him but getting out of bed and up off the couch is taking longer.  Odin will also like having another person to take him for walks.  I am still able to do almost everything- some things are just a little slower now.... I also cannot lift things that are heavy- too much strain on the belly.  Bending over is getting a little tricky- not that the belly is in the way but when I stand back up I'm a little lightheaded.  I have to think about breathing when I bend over- oh the silly things that happen when you are pregnant!

 The bump at 29 weeks- working rain or shine the TJ pentathlon

How Far Along: 29 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 30ish- I'm not worried about the number as long as I am feeling good and everyone is healthy! 

Maternity Clothes: yep

Stretch Marks: a couple small ones have started...oh well 

Sleep: comfort has gone- hard to get comfy to sleep but can sleep for most of the night- start on my side and wake up usually on my back

Best Moment This Week: Stephen came home and could feel you move :) 

Miss Anything: comfortable sleep

Movement: I think you learned how to twerk- feel most of your movement in the lower left belly- you have taken to stretching my round ligament.

Food Cravings: baby seems to like sushi and rice n spice (thai fried rice) 

Aversions: ugh smells- always the smells :(
Gender: boy
Labor Signs: too early!
Belly Button: in
Wedding Rings: on
Exercise: walking Odin- shorter walks as baby gets angry (pushes on round ligament) when we walk further or fast. haven't been swimming since before spring break- need to get back into that
Mood: generally happy- like a normal person (not a crazy preggo lady) most of the time
Looking Forward To: meeting him! 

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