So You Had a Baby...Naturally the Question to Ask Is.......

June 8, 2015

"When are you going to have another baby?"  This seems to be the ultimate question once your child is about 6 months old.  I answer but sometimes there are snarky answers in my head that are better than what comes out of my mouth.

First- I JUST had one and am still figuring it out.  Second it is none of your business.

What if I don't want another baby? What if we are a one and done kind of family?

Some people take these two things into account and ask a gentler "So do you think you'll have more kids?"

What was this one supposed to be my trial to see if we could handle it?

I think that people should be allowed to have squirt guns and gently shoot people they find annoying in the face. I think a lot of things.

"How many more kids do you want?"

Um? Do I have control over this? OMG IM GOD! There are a lot more things I need to get to work on if thats the case.....

Is there a right answer to your prying question? What if I say 17?

"Oh well good luck"


Should I be offended by that?

"You better start trying now"

My sex life is not your business and last time I checked having unprotected sex with ovulation was the best way to get pregnant.  The toilet seat option is just too tricky....... (sarcasm thick here)

Trying? I mean we did it once so I think we have the 'how' figured out.

"Are you using birth control?"

Um why are you asking me that? Thats not your business.

"Think about spacing"

No I really hadn't thought about ANY pros and cons of how far apart children are.... I never think long term like that.

Really Though.......

We would love to have another baby! I personally loved being pregnant and miss that feeling.  How many more kids- well 2 always seems like great number but that will be a decision for later, and I'm sure a hard one at that.  When? Well if I had my say I think that another July baby would be awesome and a 2 year spread seems great- but I'm not in control of that.  Right now (not that its your business) there's no goalie and there's sex being had aka theres a chance of a pregnancy.  I truly believe that children come to you when they are supposed to- and I am not going to alter my priorities of care for my current child just to get pregnant.  I'm enjoying the time I have with my child now and any time I'm able to get pregnant is a blessing! <3

In the mean time- back off and enjoy how cute the kid I have now is!




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