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Green Olive- Week 9

This week you are the size of a green olive! You are about an inch long and just under an ounce. You have officially passed from an embryo to a fetus! We might be able to hear your heartbeat with doppler this week.

This week we had our first appointment with the midwives. Stephen had a snow day from work so we were both able to go to the appointment. We saw Jennifer and Hannah, who were both really nice. A lot of the appointment was going over boring (but important) paperwork. You are so little and already we need to start thinking about a pediatrician! Jennifer tried a couple times to hear your heartbeat- and we might have gotten little blips of you! We think you are positioned in the upper left of my uterus, which is pretty close to my kidney so it was hard to tell if we were hearing me or you. We are going to stop in quick next week just to try and hear you, but we will definitely be able to hear your heartbeat at the next appointment (13 weeks). You have been tricky this week and want me to sleep during the day and not at night, not a good trend to start this early! How Far Along: 9 weeks

Total Weight Gain: +5

Maternity Clothes: intermixed with "fat" clothes, no bump to dress yet

Stretch Marks: linea negra is starting to show under belly button

Sleep: difficult- difficult to get comfortable, tired at odd hours

Best Moment This Week: almost getting to hear your heartbeat!

Miss Anything: not being able to drink at tailgating with friends

Movement: not yet

Food Cravings: sweets, ate rice and chicken with your Daddy (atypical)

Aversions: meat Gender:dreams still say girl :) Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: a little more energy, still just walking with Odin Mood: a little better, not a jumpy/angry Looking Forward To: hearing your heartbeat!

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