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Spring Has Sprung!

Wow has it been 30 days since my last post? Spring has sprung (today officially) and we have taken advantage of the warmer weather that we've been having. Of course yesterday for the Easter egg hunt it dropped into the 40s with rain/sleet that started right as the hunt did..... spring.

I've stayed busy in the last 30 days working on some websites- and its been a blast! I finished up Breast Skin Sling for my friend Austin, was comissioned for 2 other website re-designs and totally revamped Gloria Coppola and Dream Team WE. This is a new chapter for me and Im really enjoying it- and learning a lot!

Its hard to believe its been a month since I said goodbye to a pregnancy. Im still sad sometimes and it was hard to make the decision to wait to expand our family until after this summer, even though it was a decision we had made before finding out I was pregnant. Such a strange thing to try and 'plan' when you want to have a baby. Of course we will welcome any pregnancy any time but I am happy with our current 'plan' and think that it will work well for our family- after all; everything happens for a reason.

A dear friend just found out she would be having a miscarriage after IVF. The empathy I have for the pregancy loss (I can only sympathize with the IVF portion) shows me that there is a reason I experienced this- to be able to connect with my tribe on a deeper level.

Physically I've not been doing a good job eating well and I need to improve- especially since Bix training has officially started as well! (The Bix is a 7 mile race back in Iowa that is always the last weekend of July/my birthday weekend). I think that little man's nursing has slowed down a little and hormones are confused so I need to actually pay attention again to what I eat- or really how much Im eating. And water- I have been bad at drinking water! *takes a sip*

Moving forward- wow there's a lot we are looking forward to!

- friends having babies! my bff over at Knot to Nest is expecting a little girl in late May and I cannot wait to see her! my other friend just welcomed an adorable little girl that's #6

- the Bix (and training)! I have wanted to do the Bix for the longest time and timing hasnt worked out- now it seems that it will AND it will be a family affair! Im looking forward to training with my friend and spending more time with her- she's pretty awesome and Im glad we have become friends!

- Sacred Living. I recently attended a Sacred Living Movement Maryland preview day (review coming!) and it really re-sparked my soul. It brought back why I love lomi lomi (massage/lifestyle) and Im excited to journey back down this path.

- Photography! I have been doing more photography and will hopefully be doing 2 "internships" this spring. I am excited to learn more, practice and continue growing creatively.

- Peaches. This year will be our last cherry blossoms (for now) and we will be saying hello to peach trees down in Georgia come the fall. Stephen was accepted into grad school at GA Tech so we will be down there while he completes his Masters! (and then either come back to MD or hop over to Augusta, GA- we shall see....)

so while spring is NOT my favorite season I am excited for the change that spring brings!

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