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Out With the Old; Crossing off the To-Do List

I've been working on transferring the old blog over to this platform. Not a small task when you have 40 weeks of bump-dates plus a few more scattered in there. I'm excited for it to be transitioned over! My to-do list for things I want to do never seems to get checked off and this is one item that has been on there for a while now..... In keeping with the times and the current Konmari trend I have also been in a purge mode for things in the house. Unused kitchen items, curtains that have no love here anymore, clothes that need a new home. It feels so good to get rid of things. I dont think I could get down to a 'tiny house' level but I'm working on it. The problem I run into is this: what if you need it later? There have been times that dont use something regularly but when I need it I'm glad I dont have to go out and purchase it. I suppose the trick is having connections that you can just borrow things from. A good resource that I have started to work with for some things. After all we can't take it with us at the end and stuff just weighs us down. Piggy backing on my last post I'm working on my to-do list and trying to find the balance of what I want with what is best for me and my family at this moment. Life is truly all about balance and no one tells you that its hard. Making the decisions are hard. Reaping the reward of the feeling of acheiving balance, even if just for a moment, just for a single item, is worth it.

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