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While I've Been Away

Wow, its been a while since I've actually sat down and done a blog post. Since April. That was before we knew about grad school and where we would be headed after command. That was before the move, before someone turned 2, before I turned 30, before I finished the Bix. We have been in Georgia now for just about 2 months (Oct 1 will be 2 months and its almost October). So much has happened in the last 4 months its hard to say if I will catch up or if i will just start from here. Yes, this does seem to be a common theme; I told you I was not a good diary keeper! I've continued starting many a posts while laying in bed, putting Phen to sleep at night. Many of which would make amazing posts, if I could remember them all. Project 365- I haven't stopped- Im only 160ish days behind uploading anything. In my to-do lists it seems I am behind the 8 ball on many a project; and I'm sure I could stay up late and structure my time to better complete my "checklist". However...... I don't want to. I do want to, but not more than I want to watch my little water baby splash in the pool. Not more than I want to enjoy the beautiful bike trail just a mile from our house. Not more than I want to enjoy the moments and relax. C.S. Lewis is quoted "Children are NOT a distraction from more important work. They are the MOST important work." When it comes time to spending time catching up or spending time with Phen, I will choose Phen. I'm already on the computer enough for actual work. I would love some more me time at the computer, to work on my photos and blog. Perhaps he will go back to taking an afternoon nap and I can get some time in. In the meantime; I will see you here blog fans (whomever you may be!); sporadic as usual ;)

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