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I'm Awesome and I Want to Help You Be Awesome Too

Another change!?! It's just in my nature. Ever since I was a kid, I had to change things up. My hair, my room, my extracurricular activity. Stability is over rated (unless its core stability, then it's highly sought after) The site is changing because I am opening myself up to more- more of myself and following my passions. More realness. More me! The title may come off as a little, uh, arrogant? No! I am awesome! You are awesome! I want you to be even more awesome and what you want to be awesome at! (start singing "everything is awesome" from the lego movie here) I have been working for 7 years now as a virtual assistant of some sort. Most recently I have been working as a virtual assistant for a high clientele photographer- handling all of the boring computer work. I have also been helping friends develop their websites and "turning ideas into THINGS" (and yes I took that from one of my friends, Siri- thanks for that gem) while dabbling into logo/graphic design-ish things. I have always been someone who is organized and can get things done. I loved graphic arts when I was younger but was told by 'the institution' that I did not have skill to be an artist or creative. I tucked that part of me away for a while. Motherhood has a way of bringing the creative out- of urging you to make something out of nothing.

genuine | authentic | valuable | passionate | constructive

The 5 adjectives are only part of who I am and what I can offer clients/friends/fellow creatives. Genuine and authentic? Aren't these the same thing? I had always thought these words were the same, but also different. In researching there is a lot of mixed opinion on this in the language world as well. They are word cousins. I think that Sandra Zimmer, explaining the work of Beverly Dracos, says it best:

"The word “authentic’ refers to how you are being yourself. It is a reference to self-expression. That is, how you express yourself reflects how you really are inside, what you are thinking, feeling, perceiving and believing.

The term “being genuine” is more about how you relate to other people. You are genuine when you reach out to others in a caring and authentic way. Being genuine means being warm towards other people."


We are rarely encouraged to value ourselves and what we can offer, especially as women. We are even less so encouraged to proudly proclaim and announce our value. As I have gotten older, had more experiences, done more self discovery, and had the privilege of meeting profound humans who add so much value to this world in their unique ways. I can add value to your project, creation, organization, workflow, etc etc.


I am passionate about helping others. I am passionate about all being able to get their ideas off the ground and started with as few obstacles as possible. "Too good to be true?" No I believe that competition is only with yourself and that there is plenty for everyone. I want you to be awesome! When I work on a project I pour my heart, soul, knowledge, experience, and time into helping you rise.

Constructive Kind of an odd adjective, I know. My goal is to build your ideas into tangibles. To take a vision and make it appear on paper. To take your idea and feed it until you are ready to roll with it. To help you create a business workflow that works and makes your life easier. ---

I am a work in progress, this new venture is a work in progress. I am excited to see where reaching out to these new paths will lead and I am excited to help more friends/clients grow their ideas into their dreams.

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