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Lime- Week 11

Right now you are starting to look a lot more like a baby! You are about 1.6 inches long and weigh about 0.25 oz. You also have a 1:1 head:body ratio and you have (translucent) skin, tooth buds, hair follicles (hopefully a lot like mom and dad), and tooth buds! Your hands and feet are no longer moved and you are moving fluidly and gracefully in my belly.

This week we headed to Iowa to spend the holidays with our families. We are fortunate that our families live just 2.5 hours apart, allowing us to spend time with both sides. The biggest news this Christmas was announcing that we are pregnant. Well really I'm the only one who is pregnant but since Stephen had a small role in making that happen I say we every now and then ;-p Telling my family: Coe and Stells made a "year in review" book and the last page announced their upcoming new family member. Dad read the book first and had to keep a somewhat straight face for mom to read it. Mom "had a feeling" and thought I looked pregnant when I was standing in the kitchen and the book solidified the "feeling". For Emily (my sister) we put 2 condoms in a small box with a note "Use these or end up knocked up like me". She is pretty excited to be "Auntie Em". Grandma and Grandpa we had to wait until family Christmas to tell and just told them they would be getting another great-grandbaby. They also got a frame with our announcement picture. Grandma just smiled, "That makes me happy." Telling his family: We got his mom and Brian a bib that said "Who Needs Santa? I've Got Grandma! (and Grumpy)" and our announcement picture. They were excited!! Jeff and Allison came over next and they had already known from Thanksgiving. Telling Pam and Tim- they are starting to enjoy making babies so we gave them a pregnancy test with a note "Dear Aunt Pam and Uncle Tim. I'm not sure if you will need this anymore, but hopefully I will have a cousin to play with soon. I am excited to meet you! Baby Hudak, Expected July 2014". I had Pieper (our niece) give the tin to Pam before we started opening all the presents. Pam opened it, read the note and just said "oh thanks" A little more confusion and being told to re-read the note by her mom and then the lightbulb went on; followed by a shriek of excitement and hug for us. She was also a little peeved that we had been mis-guiding her a bit the past few months. Stephen told his other sister Andrea by spelling out "Hooray Kate's Pregnant" with Bananagrams. His dad got our announcement picture in a frame for Christmas and lastly Adam (his brother) and family just got a "so Kate's pregnant" before the boys opened presents. Overall all of our friends and family have been so excited and we have felt so much love from around the world for our news of an expanding family!

How Far Along: 11 weeks

Total Weight Gain: haven't stepped on a scale, but I am looking FAT (pregnant)

Maternity Clothes: yes! even my yoga pants are feeling tight. Tight clothes are not comfy right now :/

Stretch Marks: not yet- keeping fingers crossed

Sleep: good considering how many beds we have slept in during travels. Still up at 5 to pee

Best Moment This Week: telling our family and making Facebook official- no more secrets!

Miss Anything: missed having a Long Island Ice Tea at Sports in Bloomington- habit

Movement: I can tell when you are moving around- feels like little flutters (and yes I checked, its not too early to feel, I am not crazy)

Food Cravings: ice cream! (mom craved Dairy Queen and Tater Skins when she was pregnant with me)

Aversions: smells smells smells! Gender: girl girl girl- gut and everyone so far has said they think girl! Stephen still holding out for a boy. We will happy with 10 little toes and 10 little fingers <3 Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: feeling more energy, too cold (-9 or colder) in Iowa to be out long Mood: pretty good considering long days spent with family Looking Forward To: "popping" to have bump- no more of the "is she fat or is she pregnant?" looks

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