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Lemon- Week 14

This week you are the size of a lemon! You are about 3.4 inches long and 1.5 oz- thats almost double since last week. You are growing lanugo- a thing, peach-fuzz like hair all over your body that helps keep you warm. You are also sucking your thumb and wiggling your toes! Keep growing! This week was relatively normal and low key. Stephen is TDY in Louisiana so it's just me and Odin. At our last baby appointment we were asked to keep a 3 day food log- of the 3 best days you have. At the last Bradley class we were asked to keep a food log, mostly to see how much protein you are getting. This brought on lots of mommy guilt. I have never been a big veggie eater (thank you Midwest bland vegetable routine of green beans, peas, corn, potatoes and maybe some broccoli) and right now I find myself having a BIG aversion to veggies. I usually like the broccoli that is in my Japanese Pan dish from Noodles- but it was all I could do to choke down 4 little pieces. Mommy guilt: I am destroying my child because Im not eating veggies. Commence Google search. Conclusion: aversions are common, do your best, not destroying my child. Also- I went 27 years relatively healthy without lots of green veggies- could I be better, probably, but eh its ok. We will try again when Stephen comes home. I am a perfectionist. Not the OCD clean my house top to bottom every day no speck of dirt anywhere kind of perfectionist. Not the have a put together matching outfit with accessories kind of perfectionist. The yoga pant wearing, dog owner house mostly clean (don't eat off the floor but the table and dishes are clean), picture kind of perfectionist. Stephen can attest to this, he has self-proclaimed not being "allowed" to use my camera because I didn't like the way a photo turned out. Now I am not a photographer, nor have I extensively learned how to use my camera; however I know when a picture of me looks good and when it doesn't. There are ways to make your imperfections look better than they appear- posing, lighting, the right outfit. This being said, I have found it very difficult for my self image to take "bump" photos. Should I for the prosperity and memories? Probably. Am I? Nope. I will continue working on this, and perhaps I'll come up with the right location, outfit and lighting to take more pictures on a regular basis. Here's hoping....

Amendment: With nothing else to do today (ok yes I could be cleaning or reading or doing work, or even working on photos) I decided to play around with a silhouette photo. There was actually some light today so hey why not. This is what I came up with....

On the plus side...I came up with a unique idea (at least there was nothing when I googled or searched Pinterest) for our gender reveal! We are doing......drumroll please....... a Baby Bracket!! Set up will be much like March Madness- except it will be Baby Madness! The initial bracket has the Sweet 16 Old Wive's tales. Friends and family pick which team (boy or girl) will win that round. We will reveal "game" outcomes during the week with the next round of "games" set (i.e. the Elite 8) and then so and and so forth until the championship match up at the sonogram! Here is a sneak peak for my blog friends....

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain: haven't been on a scale....I'll gain as much or as little as needed

Maternity Clothes: some

Stretch Marks: nope (hips were old ones) bring on coconut oil for prevention!

Sleep: decent, been waking up early to go to bathroom or eat

Best Moment This Week: Figuring out the gender reveal!

Miss Anything: not feeling guilty for skipping meals/poor nutrition

Movement: a few butterflies

Food Cravings: none

Aversions: VEGGIES. ick! even looking at too many pictures makes me uneasy Gender: still think girl Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: swimming (need bigger suit- hope these next ones work!) and walking Odin Mood: more positive Looking Forward To: normal appetite, finding out gender, hearing your heartbeat again!

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