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Mango- Week 19

This week you are the size of a mango- you are about 6 inches long and weigh about 8.5 oz. Your protective vernix caseosa is starting to form, it prevents you from being all wrinkly from 9 months in water. Your senses are also starting to develop, nerves for your taste, hearing, sight and smell are forming in your brain. This week was President's Day on Monday and we had our mid-pregnancy anatomy scan. It was amazing to "see" you for the first time. You didn't want to cooperate on everything, you hid your hands up by your mouth and were in a forward fold position making it hard to measure your lumbar spine. All and all everything is within normal ranges. You are "measuring" almost 2 weeks ahead and at about 16 oz. I was amazed at how well your bones are already forming, as with your other organs. Your heart was beating strongly, such an amazing sight.

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Total Weight Gain: +20 and feeling great!

Maternity Clothes: yep

Stretch Marks: nope

Sleep: decent- still up 1-2x for bathroom

Best Moment This Week: seeing you on the ultrasound and knowing everything is looking good (from what we can tell)

Miss Anything: sleeping all night and skipping meals (horrible habit)

Movement: yes! He is moving around a ton in there and felt his first swift kick at the ultrasound

Food Cravings: had a desire for lava cake this week but no regular cravings

Aversions: just the same ol with smells Gender: its a boy! Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: still swimming and walking Odin Mood: generally normal and happy- over the baby blues that plagued me a few weeks ago Looking Forward To: feeling you grow and move more

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