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Its a BOY!!!!

The biggest question of the anatomy scan- would baby show us the goods? Baby had no qualms showing us- and made it quite evident we will be welcoming a baby boy into the family!!!

"They" say you shouldn't tell what you are naming your baby for people will criticize, etc. Well throwing 'caution' to the wind. Baby boy will be Stephen Michael Hudak III.

I know hubs is excited to have a boy and a III to his Jr. Many women would not "allow" this but I can understand his reasoning. When we have (intentional thinking) a girl I want her initials to be KMH, like both my mom and I (maiden and married). I don't however like having 2 people with the same name in the same house, so I am thinking of cute nicknames. So far we have Stephen (hubs 'nickname'), Dak, Bud (my parents' idea), Trip, HD (Stephen's nickname from college), and HD3. Trey and Trace are out. Will be interesting to see what we end up calling the little guy.

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