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Banana- Week 20

This week you are the size of a banana! Weighing in at about 10.2 oz and measuring 6.5 inches you are developing taste buds and swallowing several ounces of amniotic fluid every day. You are also producing meconium, the sticky by-product of digestion that will be your first poo. You are also starting to look more like us every day as your hair, nails and eyebrows continue to grow. 20 weeks down, 20 weeks (give or take) to go! Halfway! Pregnancy has funny way of keeping time. First there is the dreaded TWW- two week wait. This is the time between all that lovemaking and seeing if Aunt Flow will come or if you can pee on a stick (really into a cup to dip a stick into). Longest 2 weeks. Then you get the stick and its positive- you tell your hubs and probably best friend. Then you wait. Most people start sharing the new at about 12 weeks, some share with family around 8-9 weeks. You make your first pre-natal appointment for anywhere between 9-12 weeks. You don't feel that different or look that different, but man is life different! Maybe now you are puking every 10 minutes (sorry :-/) or eating nothing but oyster crackers one day (guilty) but for the most part you appear normal. Then 12 weeks hits and you can share the news and hear the best sound in the world- your baby's heartbeat. It seems like an eternity to get to 12 weeks. Then you blink and BAM! 20 weeks and you are getting to see your baby on ultrasound. Next thing you know you are preparing the final aspects of your birth plan, freezing meals and waiting for baby to start their entrance into the world. Time is also funny while you are pregnant because as your belly grows your brain shrinks and you can barely remember what you had for dinner last night let alone what you did 2 weeks ago. Time is strange. I am trying to savor all the moments, even the unpleasant baby deciding to sit low in your abdomen and pressure your bladder and intestines moments. This week was a good week- not a special week but just a good week. There is no denying my belly from the side now- from the front you may still question if I had too many holiday treats and not enough time at the gym. I haven't quite got the knack of good, full light full body photos yet. Fun bloopers for sure, but not so good to share. Ah the trials and errors of self photography!

We have had snow days so I took advantage of the time and started (and pretty much finished) our baby registry. More on baby registry later- this post would be too long ;) Had some 'cravings' this week- taco salad from El Paso (had it for lunch one day and sounded good later in the week) and sushi sounded good this weekend. I am also noticing that lighter, healthier food is sounding better (and sitting better)- had brussel sprouts and chicken this week. Bad news, reheated tomato products make me gag :/ This week we also got a great deal on some clothes- over 50 outfits/onesies for $25! Including baby's first John Deere shirt (his Bananapa, my dad, is bound to outfit the kid for life in green and yellow). Also got more diapers- I think after 1-2 small packs of disposables we will be set- now for some wipes.... We are collecting so much stuff next step is a dresser to hold all his goodies! How Far Along: 20 weeks

Total Weight Gain: +20 lbs

Maternity Clothes: yes! yoga pants are still fitting, had to move up to XL tshirts

Stretch Marks: not yet, please stay this way

Sleep: my new regular, falling asleep (getting comfortable is taking longer)

Best Moment This Week: feeling more movement every day

Miss Anything: not getting winded doing household chores

Movement: my stomach feels like a jungle gym

Food Cravings: not really, wanted taco salad from El Paso on Thursday

Aversions: reheated tomato sauce (spaghetti sauce, chicken parmesan I made, pizza) the smell makes me gag. the sensitivity to smells never ends.... Gender: boy Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: swimming and walking Odin Mood: generally normal and happy :) feel tired often Looking Forward To: kicks big enough for Stephen to feel

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