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Pineapple- 31 Weeks

This week you are the size of a pineapple! You are about 15.2-16.7 inches (I think you might be a little bigger than that!) and weigh 2.5-3.8 pounds. Your brain, eyes and nerves are all going through major development right now. All five of your senses are in order and your irises react to light. Your body temperature is also partially regulated by parts of your brain. Your bones are also hardening- lots going on this week! Mother's Day was Sunday- not quite my first Mother's Day- although I did get a couple nice cards from family for the "mom-to-be" Sometimes I still get caught off guard that I am going to be a MOM. Seems so old and official. On the other hand I absolutely cannot wait! I love this little guy so much already and he's not even here yet! No one can explain this feeling to you before you get pregnant- you have to experience it. Being pregnant is going well for me- this week he must have been all up in my stomach- or was growing lots of hair (fingers crossed!!!) because the heartburn was fun...but overall still going great! I think it surprises people when I say I'm enjoying being pregnant and not feeling bad. Slower- yes. A little more tired- yes. Big- yes. But I love that my body can make a baby and an organ and create life! I hope this attitude of celebrating the amazement of my body can continue into the hotter summer months and last weeks of pregnancy..... Checkups with the midwives are going well- heart rate for baby is still around 140 and nice and strong. Palpation shows you presenting head down (yay!) The midwives seem impressed with how "prepared" we are and how much research we have done. I chuckle at this- who plans a water home birth and just kinda wings it? (unless you have a big hot tub/bathtub) Just a few final things to get ready, one of which being I need to clean the office! New this week- Stephen got a new truck! Well a 2010 F150 Lariat- so used but new to him- and still in great condition. Even though its a Ford (sigh) it is a nice truck. Bloodhound pregnant nose doesn't care for the fact that the previous owner was a smoker- the smell of cleaned and covered up smoke is not pleasant to baby. We said a sad goodbye- well my goodbye was sad, Stephen's was more of a "hell yes"; to BlazeBlaze. 12 years and 217,039 miles. She was a good car and lived a good life- many good memories were had with her- college, grad school, Alaska, Arizona and Odin all happened in the years of the Blaze. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great car!

Stephen and his new truck- a 2010 F150 Lariat. Byebye BlazeBlaze- you will be missed!

How Far Along: 31 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 35-40ish pounds- not really keeping track. No growth spurt these last two weeks so I gained less between check ups

Maternity Clothes: yep

Stretch Marks: badges of honor?

Sleep: solid hours, start on my left side and wake up on my back. You are making it more uncomfortable to sleep- when Stephen sleeps behind me the heat helps put me to sleep (Odin makes a good back rest too)

Best Moment This Week: celebrating our 2 year Alaskaversary :)

Miss Anything: being able to sit up on my own- not do the fun pregnant lady side-swing and sit up

Movement: A couple of times you have stopped me in my tracks- surprising me with how strong your kicks are!

Food Cravings: no real cravings- not as hungry this week so I don't think you are in a growth spurt

Aversions: ugh smells- always the smells :( Gender: boy Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: swimming and walking Odin- went swimming this week and you loved the warm water- was able to float- just float- for about Mood: generally happy- like a normal person (not a crazy preggo lady) most of the time Looking Forward To: being able to sit up again- miss my abs! haha

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