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Coconut- Week 35

This week you are the size of a coconut! You're about 17.2-18.7 inches and around 4.2-5.8 pounds. You are fully developed- hearing, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems are all complete and your lungs are mature. This doesn't mean you don't still need more time to become fully developed and matured though (no early arrivals!) The next few weeks are for you to put on weight and continue growing. This week was physical night at TJ. Each of the 25 high schools in the county hosts a physical night as a fundraiser for the athletic training program. We had 220 students signed up (wow) with a total of 190 attending. Renovation made things interesting having physicals out in the trailers- and a tornado warning- but luckily everyone made it through and the rain held off until after the end of physicals! Overall the night was a success! I could definitely feel the strain of being 35 weeks along in 90 degree weather running around from trailer to trailer. Huge shout out to the hubs for coming and helping out (and feeling strange about it). Such a relief for physicals to be over! Just 3 more nights of volunteering at other schools and work will be over for the year. The year went so fast! Our photographer- Jeni Johnson- got some great shots and share these sneak peeks with us! I cannot wait to see the rest of them! Even Odin got some lovin' from the camera- he's such a good looking pup!

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 40 ish- don't really keep track anymore

Maternity Clothes: yep

Stretch Marks: yep

Sleep: pregnancy sleep- could be worse!

Best Moment This Week: finishing with physicals at TJ (and the night going smoothly!)

Miss Anything: endurance and lung capacity

Movement: more pushing and exploring how much room you have more than kicks- you've gotten hiccups a couple times

Food Cravings: nope

Aversions: ugh smells- always the smells :( Gender: boy Labor Signs: too early! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on (switch to a larger ring if its super hot out) Exercise: walking Odin, yoga and other exercises to get ready for labor Mood: generally happy- like a normal person (not a crazy preggo lady) most of the time- tired! Looking Forward To: end of the school year (aka summer vacation/maternity leave until October)

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