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Why I've Enjoyed Being Pregnant- aka Why it Hasn't Sucked

I started this post when I was 33 weeks pregnant- and I almost posted it then. But that wouldn't have been fair. I would have speculated on my last weeks of pregnancy- the weeks everyone says are the worst. I am currently 39.3 weeks- and I think it is fair to post this now. Could things change in the last days/week before he arrives? Of course! I am not naive in thinking that everything will be sunshine and roses. Labor is called labor for a reason- your body works hard! Baby works hard! Does that mean it needs to be horrible and painful and portrayed like they do on tv and movies? I don't think so. I say all this realizing I may eat my words in a few days/week- Im actually chuckling at the thought of going back and reading this if my birth ends up being completely opposite. At least we will have some humor ;)

So much love for this bump- 36 weeks

May 18, 2014 ~ 31 weeks I realize this may change in the last four week of my pregnancy (or so all my mommy friends have said)- but I have loved being pregnant! Not to say that being pregnant hasn't had ups and downs- of course it has, just like anything. People who love running cannot say they love blisters- but some say they love what the blisters indicate- a new pair of shoes or a new mileage. The lows of pregnancy: crazy mood swings (positive side is that hormones were working to make baby); uncomfortable to get to sleep (positive side- baby is growing!); heartburn (positive side- hopefully- is that baby will have lots of hair- and isn't all the time). I realize that I have been fortunate- I was not plagued by intense morning sickness, have not yet (knock on wood!) suffered the pain of hemorrhoids, had the rare but horrible PUPPS, any skin issues, carpal tunnel or any other "icky" side effects. I do realize that not all women have an "easy" pregnancy. I am a lucky pregnant woman- but I am also a positive one. I could have made these past 31 weeks miserable for myself- but what good would that have done? I could have stressed myself out, making more symptoms for myself but that would have done me, and baby, no good. I think that my "hippie" ways have helped ease my pregnancy- I know I felt 100x better after getting an adjustment and acupuncture. If I had to change one thing in my pregnancy it would be that my "people" were closer so I could get more body loving. Even though I was only able to get adjusted and pinned a few times my body felt good!

Painting my own toes at 38 weeks pregnant- and watching House letting them dry :)

July 7, 2014 ~ 39 weeks Pregnancy still doesn't suck. I am not uncomfortable all the time. Sometimes, yes. Mostly at night watching tv, trying to get comfortable or trying to get to sleep. Baby is now big enough that he presses on some nerves and stretches the skin in annoying ways. More than anything it is just frustrating to not be comfortable- not that I am in pain or it super sucks, just annoying. I would say on a scale of 1-10 of annoying being 39 weeks pregnant is (at worst) a 4 and on the frustrating scale of 1-10 a 5. Being far enough along now I have pulled the preggo card. I could carry the vacuum up and down the stairs, but it is just heavy enough to be heavy. Trying to lift too heavy of an object pulls on the belly (thank you missing abdominal muscles). There are things that happen when you get pregnant that you can either hate or accept. Worst- although I like to think of them as just the most annoying- parts of pregnancy so far (in no particular order): feeling slowed down; unable to do as much for myself (good lesson in humility and asking for help); lack of lung capacity (helllloooo stairs); shrinking bladder; lack of appetite but needing to eat. Also if anyone finds my libido can you please send it back? Stretch marks- not everyone gets them. I was lucky to not get any until 28 weeks, and now I have learned to embrace my tiger stripes! I did an (almost) daily coconut and vitamin E oil rub down of the bump, and I could have used some essential oils to help with the stretch marks. In truth my laziness/forgetfulness outweighs my desire to have a clear belly. That belly just made a baby and an organ- and held them both for 9 months. Hells yeah.

39 weeks preggo- I am a tiger hear me ROAR!

The other day I was going through old clothes- trying to organize the mess that is currently my closet. All those cute bras that I will probably not be able to wear again- you know- the ones to match the cute sexy little nothings you wear for the hubs to make the baby? Yeah- you will be missed cute bras. Instead these milk machines are going to feed my baby and provide for all of my baby's needs for the first year of his life- how freaking amazing is that! The more I have learned about breastmilk and breastfeeding the more badass I feel. Go freaking ta-tas! Oh and the topic no one wants to talk about- weight gain. I will PROUDLY say that I have gained just around 50 pounds during this pregnancy. I have lots of fluid for my growing baby and his placenta. I have maintained activity of walking Odin almost every day (yes I skipped a couple of the 90 degree 80+% humidity days towards the end). I can still tie my own shoes, shave my legs and paint my toes. I swam until the pool closed and would have kept swimming had they not. I also have done yoga and pre-natal exercises such as squats throughout my pregnancy. My diet has been pretty normal- high protein. Yes, baby does like his ice cream every once in a while but pure vanilla with peanut butter is a pretty healthy option. I know many women who were nothing but fast food burgers and shakes. (And I rocked out my glucose test at an 84- boom!) I was sure to get in my fruits and veggies with a daily green shake. I am not sure why our society makes pregnant women (or women in general) feel bad for the amount of weight they gain if they are maintaining healthy habits. So for all those doubters and all those other self conscious women and mamas out there- stuff it! I will gladly take my weight gain over other ailments or taking medications that could harm myself or the baby.

Selfie at the pool- 38 weeks

I promise when I started this post I had a point- a direction I was going with all of this. I realize it got lost somewhere. I blame mommy brain. (Seriously a thing!) Overall I just want to remember (when I look back in a few years or weeks and read this) that being pregnant wasn't horrible. I also want to change what so many women fear from birth because of mainstream media. Being pregnant doesn't have to be something to "suffer" through and it is definitely not 100% sunshine and lollipops (if anyone convinces you of this test them for opiates). Just like all things in life there are ups and downs with an average. My worst day was probably a 3, my best day (so far- birth and meeting him will trump this) was a 9 and overall life for the past 9 months has been an 8. Overall though, getting a baby- a real live human that you and your partner created- that you grew, with no additional thought or effort- is pretty freaking amazing. Makes anything that happens during that 9 months seem pretty minimal. Go me. Go my body. High five to my uterus! And already- bring on the next creation!!! :)

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