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Life...Yep it Happens

The hubs pointed out that it has been almost half a year since my last blog post. This is a sad and true fact. This is not for lack of things to say or ideas for posts- there have been lots of ideas. Maybe too many ideas. Oh, and there was the whole having a baby thing that happened.

Now I would love to be one of those people who just sits down and gets it done while the baby sleeps. I would also like to be one of those people who cares that they are in yoga pants, again. I am just not one of those people. Even before having a baby I rocked yoga pants. They are comfy people! (and luckily I work(ed) in a profession where yoga/swishy pants are ok). I don't get the thrill of a matching outfit (although I feel really on top of it when I do match) with coordinating jewelry (I wear my wedding band and that is it). For a while I would feel guilty about not being a "good enough girl" You know what I mean- we have all felt that way before. And then I snuggled into my hoodie and yoga pants and said f it.

So while the baby naps I nap. Or shower. Or watch tv. Or sit in silence. Or catch up with my girlfriends. Or watch him sleep. Or hold him. Or go to the bathroom since I forgot last time he was napping. Occasionally I will do the laundry or dishes- but you know what- I can do that when he's awake. While he sleeps, that is me time.

Me time? What is me time? Don't get me wrong- being a mom is the best thing in the whole wide world for me. But after 16 months- yes 9 months in and 7 months out- sometimes I just want to be by myself. Alone. With no one to worry about (although you can't not worry now that you're a mom so really its just worry about them much much less). Today I shoveled the 5 inches of snow off our 2.5 x 4 car driveway. Just to have some time to myself (and hey I got a workout in and I love snow). I love my baby and husband but I love me.

So I didn't take the time to update the blog- and looking back I wish I had a simple format like when I was pregnant- a checklist of sorts to fill out each week or month. Babies grow up so fast. He was just a (little) squish and now he's so close to crawling and independently plays and is spending more and more time with daddy and less needy of me. All good things but also bittersweet to see them grow up. They do so much and learn so much and grow so much it is hard to capture it all in words and a simple checklist. I have dedicated (ok dedicated in a strong word, let's change that to I have made a conscious effort) myself to taking pictures of the everyday with my big girl camera. Doesn't happen every day- the phone is still easier and already right there- but I am getting the little moments on 'film'. They say a picture is worth a thousand words- that makes up for my lack of blogging yes? I'll say yes.

So few readers and future self looking back at this post- I will try and give you more updates and maybe get some of the 100 different ramblings in my head down and into blog posts. Im not a "Dear Diary" kind of girl but one day when Im old I want to remember these things. These little, daily, trivial, forgettable things we call life.

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