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Changing it Up

Obviously you've noticed some change- since you are on this site, reading this post. You know I moved away from blogger and onto a website format- combining my takes of life, motherhood and photography all together in one place (for now).

Thanks for checking it out! I went into this whole blog/website thing having a few friends to keep in touch with, a rough long term goal and a toddler. That being said I'm excited to share my thoughts. Journaling can be quite cathardic and I used to write stories all the time- then college happened and that stopped. Join along as I find my voice, my style, my way.

Did I mention the toddler? He's awesome and loves technology but sometimes that means typos. I am not aiming for perfection. Maybe one day when I have hundreds of followers and adoring fans (and make some money doing this) I will worry more about the spell check aspect of things.

If you want witty and well written check out my bestie's blog over at Knot to Nest. If you want witty babywearing tutorials check out The Okay Wrapper. If you want real life, somewhat unfiltered stay here.

Im in the process of moving all my old blog posts over- I reached a whopping 50 posts on the old blog so it might take a 'hot minute'

Grab a cup of something, sit back and enjoy this new adventure with me!

Also any suggestions are welcomed! I might not utilize them but suggestions are always good for getting the brain working.

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