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September is Going to be FUN

I am one of those people who loves starting a new month in their planner. Seeing all the empty boxes and then filling them up with activities; even if those activities are staying home. I like to-do lists and checking off lists. I love planning for future things- not to get away from the current moment but to always be looking ahead. This does not always go hand in hand with being a military spouse; but thats what white-out/pencils are for.

September is exciting for many reasons- one being FALL is COMING!!! Im ready for the 90 degree humid days to be a memory and nice 70 degree fall days to be the norm. Having a baby that sleeps in is great- fantastic really- but limits outdoor activities such as bike riding (we would melt). Fall also means more wrap walks vs pushing in the Burley- again we melt when its so warm. (Seriously the kid runs at 700 degrees like his dad)

September also marks football season! Not that we are huge sports fans, although apparently my husband is now a "Paits" fan...... but the athletic trainer in me will always love the start of football season and the mark of cool weather and clash of shoulder pads.

September is another big birthday month for our families- 4 birthdays on the same day- and our white dress wedding anniversary. Apparently year 3 is leather (traditional) or crystal (modern). I'll take my gift in cheesecake.

September is also exciting because after 7 years of using Lemongrass Spa products I decided it was time to get on board (read: discount) and start representing the company. So many people ask my crunchy opinon on personal care products- and I would always refer them to Lemongrass. Lemongrass started in the basement of Heidi's house- she wanted to make safe products for her family. The company has grown and the products have stayed gluten free, cruelty free and made in the USA. There's lots more but that's another post....

I found Lemongrass through my friend Stefanie, who I have known since high school. Stefanie discovered Lemongrass when her husband was stationed in Colorado (did I mention Lemongrass has a military association? another plus in my book) and met Heidi in her basement. Many factors make me love Lemongrass.

Now I can spread that love with you! My goal is not to be a pushy salesperson or to grow a large network of consultants or make a living off of Lemongrass. My goal is to share amazing products and for sharing get some of the things I use daily for a lower cost. I look at my Lemongrass journey (right now) as a referral bonus :)

Some of the Lemongrass products I love (another post about this forthcoming): mascara; makeup; makeup brushes; body wash; healing elements balm. I am also SUPER excited about their new line of organic and wildcrafted essential oils!

If you want to know more about Lemongrass- shoot me a message! I'd be glad to answer any questions- and questions I can't answer I know Stefanie can- and if neither of us can we will find out the answer (and props to you for a hard question). You can check out my site- take a look at the virtual catalog- its gorgeous (just re-vamped this summer) and hopefully you can fall in love with an amazing company that offers amazing, natural, ethical products for you and your family!

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