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Some Hooah-dak Pictures

One of my friends lent me this diaper- its the Army's current uniform pattern- ACU (Army Combat Uniform) and is embroidered with Hooah! on the bum. Super cute diaper! Thankfully we got a few photos in while it still fit his bum.... (her son wore it when he was 18 months or so) There are still a few shots I'd like to get- hopefully weather and timing cooperates with us this week to get them in.


[series of photos including a chocolate lab balancing a large stick on his head; a white toddler with blue eyes and blonde hair in an Army pattern diaper with white Hooah! on the bottom next to a large pair of boots and his dad, a white man with short hair, sunglasses and gold shirt crouching down to help him into his boots. Photos in color and black and white]

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