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2016- What Does it Bring?

A dear friend and I were chatting the other day- about the feeling that we are always catching up. She also does a blog (her's actually has followers) and she feels behind- that she has so many posts to write. We contribute much of this to life as a mom- chasing a toddler, taking care of the home (and she works as well). While we were discussing our woes I completely agreed with her. I sadly looked at my own blog and the half started blog posts on my computer.

Then I decided to not be sad. I have a lot of stuff on here for a hobbyist blogger. I am not trying to win followers, free things or make this my full time job. I have a full time job- it's being a mother of a toddler and a chocolate lab. It's being an Army wife. It's helping conceptualize websites and bring them to life. It's living life.

2016 is the year I start to reframe my thinking. I am going to stop feeling bad for what I don't get done and start feeling good about what I DO get done. Even if all I do is keep the toddler and dog and myself alive. It's been a good day.

I am focusing more on friendships and passions. Family and friends. Feeling good and doing good.

The blog- it will be here tomorrow. As will the laundry, the crafts, the dishes, and the 100s of recipes on Pinterest I'm going to try.

Right now Im going to get my toddler up (foolish but we have an Army family comittment this am) and Im going to keep us all alive today. Maybe if he naps I'll work on the to-do list- but maybe I'll take a nap too- we will see what the day brings!

An oldie but this is the kind of year we are going to have!

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