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How Time Flies...First Two Months

How Time Flies.... First Two Months

Man! Time sure flies- especially when you are spending all day with your squish! It has already been just over two months since we welcomed Phen (Stephen, Baby Stephen, Baby, HD3, Bud, Baby Bababada- the kid doesn't quite have a set name he is called right now...) into our life.

21 July 2014- Odin figuring out who this new kid is

Looking back now the last two months have been a bit of a blur. We spent the first two weeks just chilling mostly at home. Literally the first day postpartum I did not leave the bedroom. The second day I stuck to the upstairs. The third day- I ventured down to the living room (townhouse living so that was one set of stairs) for a few hours and a few visitors, 4th day I made it all the way to the main level (2 sets of stairs) and day 5 we had newborn photos so that was a "big trip"- outside, to the car, and into the photographer's studio for a few hours and then back home (travel time about 10 minutes). I progressively added more and more onto each day- at one week we had lunch out at "Tacos". My midwife instructed me to take it easy but listen to my body, which I did. At my 2 week checkup I felt great and was cleared for everything including full exercise as my abs were back together (side note I am still missing core strength if you find it please send it to me). Stephen had 10 days off from work for paternity leave. He could have used more "vacation days" but my parents were coming in right before he went back and we are lucky that he only works 5 mins from home- letting him come home for lunch. Stephen was amazing in those first days postpartum- I wanted for nothing. He was so sweet making sure I had water, snacks, anything to make me more comfortable. He even did a few runs to the store including a pad run- what a man- buying his wife pads and brining up her "padsicles" for her sore hoochy (more about that here).

12 August 2014 Lunch break snuggles

My parents came out to visit for 2 weeks and meet their first grandchild (yes he is going to be spoiled) when Phen was 10 days old. We didn't do any big or special trips but we did manage to make it out to Silver Diner and the Big Latch on Event in Woodbridge. My mom loved a bookstore she found in Alexandria- a true "mom and pop" store where they knew about the books because they had read them, not because they were "told what to sell to make money". Dad helped change some lights and do handy-dad stuff around the house. And make cookies- mmm those molasses cookies- even though he officially hates my gas oven. While my parents were here we went out to dinner a few times but didn't make any big trips. Phen and I were still adjusting to each other- still figuring out our nursing relationship and let's all be honest- I really didn't feel like wearing a bra. Guess what- YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! You just rocked it and had a baby! You have every right to be in sweats, no bra (really no top for skin to skin time) and LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. My biggest piece of advice for new mommies- take the time. More on that here... I digress.

13 August 2014- Brothers

Before we knew it Phen was a month old! That was the fasted month of my life! We were still having some kinks in our nursing relationship so we consulted a lactation consultant and discovered Phen had a posterior tongue tie. We decided to have the tie fixed now versus risk the chance of complications when he is older. The procedure is less painful and invasive now versus when he is older as well. Having his tie fixed helped him quite a bit- we didn't realize his limited tongue range of motion until it was released.

Once we entered into September we started to do a lot more! Really it has been a month of firsts for him! Off the top of my head-- First: long car ride; overnight in hotel; college football game; concert; USMA parade; swim in pool; high school football game (homecoming); football practice. And more that I can't think of right now.

Snuggles at his first concert- Little Big Town with his new friend Felix and Nora

22 September 2014- First swim at Ft. Belvoir indoor pool

Phen took his first long road trip to New York! We went to the Army home opener football game the first weekend in September with Stephen's plebe (freshman) year roommate from USMA (Josh and his family). He had many firsts that weekend! We also caught up with family- Jeff and Allison and the kids are only about an hour and a half from campus so they came up for the game and then we spent some time with them on Sunday before heading home. It is nice to have family "close" by while we are in Virginia. One new rule from the weekend: Stephen must empty his pockets before playing with P&P.

Football with Daddy and Parade with Mama

Hottest day of September- with Pieper, Pete, Jeff, Allison

The weekend after NY Phen and I took a "hot minute" trip to Iowa- which meant his first plane ride! He was able to meet Stephen's parents and my grandparents; and everyone else. He was great on the plane- he was good about not being "that" baby :) We flew out of Indy so we were able to meet JTP and Asher- and see Melissa and Mikayla and Ethan. It was a super fast weekend but it was great to see everyone!

Snuggles on the plane!

Grad School Girlfriends Melissa and Ethan (almost 2) & Melissa (almost 3); Justina and Asher (5 months); Me and Phen (2 months)

Before we knew it we reached the 2 month mark! He is growing and doing so much! I like to look back at old pictures on my phone- how can one little person grow so much in such a short time (ok I know what you are thinking- he is not that little- but still!)

Phen: Being your mama has been the greatest blessing in my life. I know we are working on figuring things out together. I want you to know I will always be here for you- I will always do my best to help you feel calm, safe, secure, full and loved. I love you always and forever- no matter what. Even if you spit up an entire mouthful of milk you just nursed all over me, I will love you. Even when you scream when Daddy tries to spend time with you because you just love to be close to me- I will love you. I love your smiles and giggles- you have won my heart over 100 times. Stephen: Thank you for being my partner in this journey. I know it can be difficult at times- I would feel lost if I couldn't help you with a crying baby. Your time will come too- he will need his Daddy to play with him and show him all the fun boy things to do. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all you do for us. We would be starving or poor from all the takeout if it weren't for you making our meals. I know you hate the smell of the diapers (breathe through your mouth) but thank you for doing the laundry so we have clean diapers and clothes to wear. O&BB: Thanks for playing with us the Daddy and doing the PWs. We are doing our best- and I think we are kinda rocking this whole parenting thing. (I mean he's still alive ;) Lover you!

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