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So it's official- I am growing a HUMAN!

In August we had made the decision to "take away the goalie" and see what happened. September was our first month protection free and October was month two. Anyone who has ever had a baby or has tried to get pregnant knows the feeling of the dreaded "two week wait." I decided to distract myself from the TWW while Stephen was gone and head to Vermont with a friend (and I got a state marked off in the process, win-win). Tuesday morning I woke up and just felt, different. I knew deep inside that this was the month. I felt a different kind of calm. I also hadn't had any of my typical pre-period signs, so even though it was a few days before Aunt Flow was expected I decided to take the little stick and see what happened. It is crazy the excitement, joy and fear you get all at the same time! Stephen was in a training exercise in Las Vegas, so like much of our relationship, this news was shared electronically. He was on his way to the secure building to start his day so a quick yay! was all I got from him. Ok so now what- I have all day to think about this and be excited and OMG I'm growing a human! Next- call Justina. JTP, also pregnant, had been gunning for us to get knocked up ASAP so she could have someone to commiserate celebrate with. Also called to set up my first prenatal appointment at the birth center. We had toured birth centers back in July when we were first talking about getting pregnant. Tricare will cover the cost of a home birth/birth center birth with a midwife as long as it is a CNM vs a CPM. Unfortunately the one amazing birth center only had CPMs so we had to go with our second choice, still a great center and great midwives though! Good thing I called early- first appointment available wasn't until December 10th, when I will be about 9 weeks. That is about when they like to see people though. Right now the hardest parts are not having Stephen here to celebrate with and keeping it a secret! Life wise not much changes. I had already starting cutting back on alcohol (not that I was a boozer to begin with) and had been making healthy life choices. Hardest part is going to be getting enough calories in. No, I'm not talking about eating for two right now, but eating for one. I don't have a huge appetite and average maybe 1000-1200 calories a day. All I can do is my best and remember that baby will take what it needs first. We are so excited!!!!! This is the best way I can think to record what happens, I am admittedly not a good journal-er. I have a great 10- year journal that I want to get back to, see how much life changes over time. Perhaps this will be a good kick start to getting back into it... Every good pregnant woman knows, in relation to fruit, how big her baby is. I will be using this reference (same as my The Bump app) to relate growing Baby Hudak to you. Crazy how much you can already love something that is the size of an appleseed! (Ignore the dates- I found this online and made an adjustment to the name- see the original)

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