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Watermelon- Week 39

This week you are the size of a watermelon! You are 18.9-20.9 inches long and weigh 6.2- 9.2 pounds (based on average healthy babies). You just keeping growing! You are able to flex your limbs and your fingernails might be longer than your fingers already. Your brain is rapidly developing as well- getting smarter every day. You are still comfy in your cocoon of fluid and nutrients (really who can blame you- its an awesome home). You are in a good position and fluid levels are still nice and high. We hit our "EDD" on the 12th (today), which is also a full moon weekend but I don't think you are quite ready to meet us yet. We are ready to meet you- whenever you arrive! I'm actually surprised at how chill I am waiting for you- yes I would love to plan and know when you are going to be here- but I want you to arrive when YOU are ready. If you aren't ready it ain't happenin. It is a journey between the two of us- something I am so very blessed and thankful for. If you wait until after the 20th I don't know how chill I will be anymore haha :) This week was just waiting- watching House and enjoying the modern invention of air conditioning! We had some friends over for dinner since you will probably be taking up most of our time once you arrive haha :) Pretty easy week- I'm still feeling great! Starting to get more uncomfortable- especially at night or when Im out and about running errands I get tired easily. You have started to drop down- I have to sit with my legs wider so you have room to sit too. You also have started to push on my femoral nerve, which makes the front of my legs fall asleep sometimes- silly baby! More stretching. You still love the water! When Im in the tub I splash the water over my belly and you move around tons.

39.5 weeks

How Far Along: 39 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 50 pounds (and feeling GREAT!)

Maternity Clothes: yep

Stretch Marks: yep

Sleep: interrupted by more potty breaks and hard to get comfy but still getting solid hours, and naps. 3-3:30ish is almost always nap time

Best Moment This Week: feeling a single foot press out against the belly

Miss Anything: getting up easily, not having heartburn, being able to move around quicker

Movement: yep! still moving around- especially after I eat or if I push you around (you don't like it and normally give me heartburn if I push you around to make you move)

Food Cravings: same ol same ol

Aversions: ugh smells- always the smells :( Gender: boy Labor Signs: more tightening and some light cramping/contractions towards the end of the week- nothing yet to stop me in my tracks and go "woah" Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on- even though it has been super warm- ok hot and humid- still wearing my ring! Just a little tight sometimes for my liking (I like a looser ring fit) Exercise: walking Odin, yoga and other exercises to get ready for labor Mood: generally happy- like a normal person (not a crazy preggo lady) most of the time- tired! Looking Forward To: not having people ask if we are "ready" and meeting our little squish!

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