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Appleseed- Week 5

You are the size of an appleseed! You look like a tadpole but you are starting to grow major organs like your heart, stomach, liver, kidneys and your systems begin to form. You are growing like crazy! I haven't really noticed too many things that are different, except being more tired than usual and not wanting to eat. Forcing yourself to eat is one of the worst things. It is still so hard to NOT tell people! This week your Dad has decided to call you "Coesfina" as to not make it confusing. (Yes the moose and cow had something to do with this). We have been throwing a few names around and once we get a spelling narrowed down will share :) Trying to decide how I wanted to do this blog, being a new blogger and not super into blogs (yes yes scream and shake your head at me) I decided to copy JTP. She never lets me down and lets face it she did the leg work find a cute weekly check-list update. Make sure to check out her blog too! So in addition to my own ramblings each week you will get the following information. When are you going to be taking bump pictures you may ask....well when I'm ready to! Still trying to find a good place to do so and decide on how I want to do them- so stay tuned!

How Far Along:

Total Weight Gain:

Maternity Clothes:

Stretch Marks:


Best Moment This Week:

Miss Anything:


Food Cravings:

Aversions: Gender: Labor Signs: Belly Button: Wedding Rings: Exercise: Mood: Looking Forward To:

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