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Blueberry- Week 7

This week you are the size of a blueberry! Right now you have doubled in size since last week and are generating one hundred new brain cells a minute! Your heart is becoming more complex and your permeant kidneys are forming along with your arms and legs.

This week was Thanksgiving week and we went to visit Stephen's brother Jeff and his wife Allison and their two kids, Pieper (4) and Peter (2). Allison guessed it right away when I refused a drink but they are so excited! We even got some diapers and a swing that the kids no longer use. We also traveled up to Maine (bucket list of visiting all 50 states- check!) The car ride went pretty well, some nausea started to kick in when I was passenger and on the way back from Maine to Connecticut I was "the worst passenger ever" when I had a bad headache and upset stomach. Luckily a little sleep and I was good the next day. Appetite still comes and goes but overall I would have to say I'm feeling pretty good. This week I think I have officially surpassed by "normal" jeans fitting. All of my "fat" jeans are in Iowa so I'm hoping some new jeans that I ordered come soon!

How Far Along: 7 weeks

Total Weight Gain: +1-2 lbs

Maternity Clothes: got some pants for the holidays and some shirts- love them because they are long!

Stretch Marks: not yet- stay this way please!

Sleep: good minus having to pee 1-2 times a night

Best Moment This Week: Sharing excitement with family!

Miss Anything: having wine with dinner but didn't miss it that much...

Movement: no, you are too tiny to feel!

Food Cravings: sweets!

Aversions: smells are starting to bother me more (and before I was pregnant I was sensitive to smells so now its just worse!) Gender: Mystery- my gut says girl Labor Signs: no too early!! Belly Button: in Wedding Rings: on Exercise: daily walks with the dog Mood:very short tempered and not so fun to be with at times. I try and use breathing to change it but hormones get the best of me! Looking Forward To: not feeling icky, getting some libido back

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